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Tuesday, April 2

9:00am MDT

Are Computer Science and Information Systems Students More Likely to Earn a Better Grade in Basic Computer Literacy Courses Than Their Peers: A Case Study ST - Kolob Canyon Living RoomNathan Barker • Laurie Harris Administrative Ethics: Personal Dilemmas vs. Public Duty ED 215Kourt Osborn Student Internship Student/Staff Collaborations in Community Development Campus-Based LGBTQIA+ Activism BUS 242Andrea Donovan • Braydon Rawlings • Sofie Scaletta That's All MC 116Caye Clark • Zadie Farris • Kyrsten Harper • Kayla Neilson • Kylie Parks • Caden Thomas “How Could a Woman Do It?”: Animal Materiality in the Taxidermy of Martha Maxwell BUS 246Julie McCown Bringing a Brand to Life: How Four Students Helped a Local Business Establish a New Identity BUS 244Billy Clouse • Monica Lee • Kaylee Prunty • Dustin Pullman . . . And Then What Happened? A Narrative Study of the Perceived Effects of London's West End Live Theatre Productions on SUU Study Abroad Students ED 204Melissa Funk Aluminum Foam BUS 243Victoria Krull • John Webster The Violent Linguist: The Establishment of Control through Vernacular in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange BUS 120Madeline Peck Applications of Drone and Ground-Based Photogrammetry in Geoscience Research in Southern Utah. ED 102Zachary Smith General Chemistry Practicum: Assessing Skills as well as Knowledge ED 202Daniel Eves “Does increased online interaction between instructors and students positively affect a student’s perception of quality for an online course?” ED 111Brayden Ross 15-Minute Hairspray MU - Thorley Recital HallFinley Caciola • Angela Clyde • Danny Keetch • Zachary Mittleman • Trinity Rodriguez Practitioner Research: Putting Educators in Charge of Educational Research ED 103Christina Hurley • Joel Judd Hispanic Sociolinguistics Research: A class experience ED 203Junice Acosta • Jonah Babbel • Kolton Elmer • Cole Frost • Treyson Lyon • Tanner Vario What is financial excellence and how do we achieve it? BUS 126Magdeleine Bradford • Markiece Gross • Jayson Matlock • Ashleigh Zimmerman Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Challenging Topics ED 104Emily Dean • Matthew Eddy • Shobha Gurung • Eric Morrow • Dr. Schvalla Rivera Building a Brand: SUU Community Education ED - LobbyHaven Scott BioBot LIB - LobbyHector Cruz Demarcation: A survey of Contemporary Photography in Utah MA - SUMASam Davis Longing Love LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Burgess Milner Judging the 2018 Melbourne Marimba Competition ED - LobbyLynn Vartan College of Science and Engineering Makerspace BUS - LobbyMatt Bennion • Trayson Maxwell • Nic Peterson

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A Survey of Religiosity and Spirituality Among SUU Students ED 215Steve Decker Utah's Children's Justice Centers: What they do and how you can be involved BUS 242Elizabeth Lee Dustin Pullman (BFA Exhibition, Graphic Design) MA - SUMADustin Pullman The Performative Body: Emotion Science and Utopia in Performance BUS 244Scott Knowles You are What You Eat: I, Zombie, Passing, and the Role of Food in Modern Zombie Television BUS 246Charla Strosser Africa Adventure - SUU Study Abroad 2018 ED 204Yuri Bertacchi • Matt Earl • Madaline Keller • Mathew Roders • Anne Smith • Jon Smith Opera in the Bavarian Alps MU - Thorley Recital HallClaire Robinson An Iterative Method of Determining Outliers ED 202Sarah Duffin Growth series for EDT0L languages BUS 243Eric Freden Mapping the Contours of Relationship Change and Stability in Divorce Ideation Over Time BUS 126Sarah Allen • Mattison Doman The Diffusion of Maize to the American Southwest ED 102David Hall Is Frederick Herzberg's Motivation/Hygiene Theory still relevant in 2019? BUS 238David Dyches The Role of Religious Strain on Suicide Risk BUS 120Said Huante • Jude Husselbee • Garrett Minkler • Garrett Strosser Design Principles for Educational Math Games ED 104Matt Adams Fostering Independence in a Child with Autism ED 111Jessica Adams • Falepaini Lui • Kristin Riley • Madison Wallace SEE ME! Dance Theatre MC 116Michael Crotty Service in the Mountains: Guatemala LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Christer Mercado Spanish American Literature 20th-21st Century: Three Approaches ED 203Kolton Elmer • Brock Hunter • Peter Sorensen Alcoholism and the Abuse of Other Drugs is Hereditary LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brad Larson Attending childcare centers during the first three years of life is psychologically damaging to children LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Chad Banks • Abygail Dofelmire • Jessie Mineer • Carlie Robinson Attending Childcare: Harmful or Helpful? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Madison Ford • Rebecca Moffat • Rebekah Winward Children enrolled in high-quality preschools experience advanced social and cognitive development beyond that of preschoolers who remain at home LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jason Chang • Kiara Taylor • Justin Willden Children with learning disabilities should be mainstreamed LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Amberley Justice • Victoria Pike • Maile Pratte • Ashley Woodcox Children with learning disabilities should be mainstreamed LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Megan Bryan • Takayla Tebbs • Icisis Whitmore Customized InMoov humanoid robotic arm BUS - LobbyKeith Mankle Debate: Children with learning disabilities should be mainstreamed LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Caleb Christensen • Megan Colton • Kinley Nelson • Millie Reich Debate: Cohabitation before marriage is an important step for a successful long-term relationship. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Katelyn Brunson • Sage Chatterton • Reese Jones Debate: Men and women are born into immutable gender roles LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Ron Jin • Kenydi Kane • Emily McDonald • Tawni Werber Debate: The increasing medicalization of birth is harmful to both mothers and their babies LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brooklyn Blackett • Josie Groft • Jentrie Ramos • Sammy Slack Divorce Rates are the Highest They Have Ever Been LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Reagan Stanley • Madi Hall • Trystan Langston • Mason Jacoby Educational games on electronic devices can benefit infants in their cognitive development LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kambrie Howard • Qianting Lu • Shiho Okazaki • Xueping Wang Females and Males are socialized to approach moral questions in different ways. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Lea Christensen • Marissa King • Sladen Ott • James West Fishing For Proteins LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Ryan Koch • Sydney Williams Genetic testing for at-risk carriers of abnormal genes LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Drake Alvarez • Spencer Hahne • Alyssa Mortensen Investigation of a crossed benzoin-like condensation LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Maxwell Bowles Optimizing Methylene Blue as a Sensitizing Agent LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hamza Samha Screening for Microbial Dissimilatory Reduction of Metals via a Colorimetric Plate Assay LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Parker Feltner • Gavin Jones • Avery Malenius • Shardon Morril Should we try to protect self esteem or challenge it in children LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Chelsy Goldtooth • Madison Kummer • Emily Morgan • Taylor Ray Social Media is to blame for depression increases in teens LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Maggie Ellis • Abigail McConnell • Sydney Olivieri • Teresa De Enrique Schmidt Social media is to blame for depression increases in teens LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Emma Marchant • Jayden Marshall • Jerica Pugh • Jessica Taylor Spanking is permissible in certain situations LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kiah Jones • Cassie Vines • Annie Wolter The effects of elevated glucose and stress levels on the liver and hippocampus structure in brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Josh Boyer • Landen Broadhead • Tiffany Chin • Tyler Kelsey • Kyler Kirkland • Christer Mercado • Spencer Seegmiller • Storm Speakman The Negative Effect of an Automatic Intensity Step-down Function During NMES Treatments LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Cody Bremner The Pros and Cons of Cohabitation before Marriage LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Aryn Blair • Lexi Evans • Maddy Smith • Christina Tran There is no difference between children in same sex couples and traditional male/female couples LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Cassie Jimenez • Zack Jeppson Today's Parents Are Too Permissive LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Lindsey Ballard • Aubree Hatfield • Rhys Kaiser • Madison Seamons Today's Parents are too Permissive LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kimberly Arellano • Alicyn Garcia • Cassidy Huff • Rachel Pangan Today's Parents are too Permissive LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Megan Foote • Bekah Foster • Keston Hemsley • Qiqi Yu Vaccination Education LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Cason Patterson • Allyson Smith • Alyse Szymanski Sanitation efficacy of 70% isopropyl alcohol vs blue light treatment on reusable electrodes LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hailee Eckman • Rylie Miller A Needs Assessment of Child and Family Mental Health Needs in a Rural Community LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Courtney Doman • Jordan Rhodes • Sofie Scaletta • Andra Walker Alcoholism and the abuse of drugs is hereditary LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Charity Beck • Annalee Carlson • Sophie George • Jake Paxton Alcoholism and the abuse of other drugs is hereditary LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Navy Blomquist • Brook Higbee • Shelbie Jones • Sondrelle Scott An Analysis of Two Suicide Hypotheses LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Drew Beatty • Nick Creer Basic Principles of Prenatal Health LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Cecilia Campas • Sydney Jenson • Lindsey McMillon • Alonzo Stevens Benefits of Physical Activity on Academics LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kaylee Gerlach Breast feeding vs. Bottle feeding LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jaylyn Busby • James Felila • Talliyah Kozar Dance Training and its Effects on Balance in Healthy Young Adults LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Ashlee Humphries Eating Healthy on a Budget LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Rylee Kasal • Kylie Peterson • Scott Shumway Educational games on electronic devices can benefit infants in their cognitive development. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hayley Higbee • Ashlee Ivie • Kassidy Johnson • Madison Moss Evaluation of desert plant extracts inhibition of biofilm formed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Halli Bestenlehner • Kenny Carter • Ted Cowan • Brandan Glazier • Chris Hall • Andrew Judd FCHD 1500 LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hailee Holt • Jessica Ravsten • Kylie Rose Helping College Students Create Exercise Habits LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kallie Fuellenbach • Walker Jones • Ana Weaver Increasing Medicalization of Birth; Harmful to Mothers and Babies? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Abigail Child • JinHao Guo • Mackenzie Hillstead • Brooklyn Oberhansly Is teen suicide the highest it has ever been? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Shaylie Davis • Gracie Griffith • Makayla Robinson • Harley Taylor Non-biological parenthood is much riskier than biological parenthood LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Dallin Holt • Pablo Suarez • Emily Walkenhorst • Bethany Watko Perception of Body Fat among Female College Students LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Dalton Beeson • Linda Herrera • Sandra Keck • Taylor Pulver • Micheal Scott • Nathan Sharp • Easton Weaver Should we try to protect self esteem or challenge it in children LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Lauren Bagley • Brennon Hutchings Smile for Success: Effect of Facial Expressions and Hemispheric Dominance on Cognitive-motor Performance LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Drew Beatty • Yeon Nam • Anna Wasden • Kailee Wingrove Blood Glucose Responses to the Sight and Smell of High and Low Glycemic Food in Mice LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Tyler Haroldsen • McKayla Heaton • Torri Sageman Drawing Skills in Anatomy and Physiology Students LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sydney Whitson Textbooks: Obsolete or Eternal? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Emma Allen • Sarah Forsberg • Rebecca Moffat • Tyler Neilson • Kenzie Worthington Painting in Egg Tempera MA - SUMAHala Swearingen

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Tanah Hislop's Portfolio JT - Randall Jones LobbyTanah Hislop Finding Funds for Fun: SUU Honors You BUS 242Halie Hagerty Protecting YOUth from STD's ED 215Nikki Alvey • Morgan Day • Anthony Fuentes Alana Tapaha (BFA Exhibition, Graphic Design) MA - SUMAAlana Tapaha Constellations: A Black Box Grant Preview ST - Kolob Canyon Living RoomEmma Folwell • Zachary Mercer • Rebecca Smith Ending at the Beginning: George Lucas, Peter Jackson, and the Half-Life of Creativity BUS 244Parker Rawlins Seven Places You're Not BUS 243Tyler Brimhall • Hannah Duncan • Courtney Hofland International Testing Comparisons ED 204Bryan Bradford Remember, Pudsy! two thousand Pounds!: The Role of Virtue in Eliza Haywood’s A Wife to Be Let BUS 246Elsa C. Torgersen Game, Set, Match, and Loss Aversion in Tennis BUS 238Joshua Price How I “Hike Like a Woman” ED 102April McPherson Nutritional Analysis of Eggs from Hens with Varied Diets LIB 201AZack Hansen Can You Hear Me Now: Promoting Healthy Communication Between Partners BUS 126Christina Moton School Counseling BUS 120Lindsay Alston Does Anonymity Matter? Examining Quality of Peer Assessment and Students’ Attitudes ED 103Michiko Kobayashi Just the tip of the iceberg?: Culture in the Language Classroom ED 111Carlos Bertoglio Kairotic Connections: How Creative Writing and Composition Pedagogies Foster Writer Identity and Connectivity ED 202Bethany Bibb Pressed Poetry, A Letterpress Poetry Broadside Collaboration ED 104Meri Page La francophonie ED 203David Evans • Elise Leahy • Rosa Perez The Road to Recycling LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Megan Abel • Tristan Olsen-Lund • Samuel Wells Bach's Christ lag in Todes Banden: A Performance-Lecture MU - Thorley Recital HallDouglas Ipson Gender Inequality in Modern Day Horror Movies LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jessi Towe Low Cost Photonic Crystal for Biomedical Applications LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Garrett Mackelprang The State of the Art LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Bridget Intessimone Breast vs Bottle LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Dallin Grover • Kehaulani Mankle • Cami Marx • Abi Nielson Connection Through Vulnerability, & the Vices of Virtual Validation LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Wyatt Larsen Corporate Art Collections LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Madicyn To'a Curriculum Analysis for Primary Care Programs LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Chase Leavitt Debate: Attending childcare centers during the first 3 years of life is psychologically damaging to children. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Cassidy Jolley • Yington Li • Sage Oldroyd • Leilani Paul Debate: The school year should be lengthened LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Madelyn Cardon • Austin Ewing • Nanan Agnes Omou • Barlow Pace Dino DNA LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Megan Jensen DNA metabarcoding on local honey to determine quality and fraud LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)JuliAnne Allgood Investigation of Preferences in Ants LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Zihe Wan Men and women are born into immutable gender roles LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Xiyan Ding Multiple dimensions of intelligence make standardized IQ testing obsolete LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Nathanial Newman • Camryn Oldham • Emily Simpson • Ethan Smith Sex education full disclosure vs abstinence LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Maleah Earthly • Iris Grant • Raylee Moreno • Janae Pridmore Synthesis of (Z)-Stilbene Derivatives LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hayden Bishop Synthesis of (Z)-Stilbene Derivatives LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hayden Bishop • Brenton Bushnell Synthesis of 4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-2-((1E,3E)-4-phenylbuta-1,3- dien-1-yl)-1,3,2-dioxaborolane by the 9-BBN Catalyzed Hydroboration of (E)-but-1-en-3-yn-1-ylbenzene LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Marcus Mifflin Third-Party Punishment Preferences: Thief Gain and Victim Loss Matter, but Not Race or Punishment Motive LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Bryan Koenig Vaccines LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)White Janessa 10 Essential readieness of SUU LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Collin Justis A Biodiversity Survey of Southern Utah Reptiles LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sierra Ball A Structural Comparison of Isozymes with Widely Varying Optimal Temperatures LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Scott Adair • Jayde Bertoch Become a Leader in the Outdoors LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Samantha Taylor Evolution of Wood Warbler (Parulidae) Song LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Nic Gasparro • Marggie Glenn • Jungyun Huh • Sierra White Genetic analysis of diatoms in streams affected by the Brian Head Fire LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Tyler Colfack Impacts of the Brian Head Fire on the Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of the Markagunt Plateau (2016-2019) LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Mike Contente • Fredric Govedich • Irania Hernandez • Makayla Oborn • Courtney Webb • Samuel Wells Importance of Collaborative Skills in the Workforce LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Audry Wilcox Marine Species Preservation LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Alyson Lamoreaux Perception of Educational Videos Based on Narrator’s Gender LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brianna Brunson • Anna Covington • Peyton Green Possible New Species of Sea Spider Discovered in the Midwaters of Monterrey, CA LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kodi Allen Woods Robinson Helicopters Safety LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sami Zvonkovic Significance of Quichapa lake for Migratory Birds LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Rachael Bolus • Tanner James • Tanner Jefferies • Sandon Stokes • Levi Sweeten • Samuel Wells Survey of Coleopteran species of Spring Creek Canyon LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Gavin Stapley • Brian Thompson The effect of urbanization on genetic diversity in southern Utah ant populations LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Johanna Garavito Wilderness and Archaeological Site Stewardship LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brielle Johnson Childless, Single Female's Knowledge and Attitudes about Breastfeeding LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Naomi Beatty • Abigail Bishop • Carly Button • Javlyn Weaver Cognitive declines requires mandatory retirement laws: debate LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)JuliAnne Allgood • Kolton Allgood Energy Expenditure, Heart Rate and Wearable Devices: Sport Modes Versus General Modes LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jayson Cole • Tyler Downs Factors Contributing to Sleep Deprivation in College Students LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Joel Alvidera • Carson Kelly • Maura Knutsen • Tomas Langholtz Gay and Mormon: How a Bishop Can Help LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Tate Avey • Jim Mock • Carisa Wood Relationship between Maladaptive pornography consumption and maladaptive video game addiction. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Thaddeus Cole • Quinn Simpson • Tyler Tatton Sex Perspective Rigidity and Empathetic Responses to People in Distress LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Mattison Doman Silver Nanoparticles Ability to Identify Capping Ligands for Early Disease Detection LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jaxson Jeffery • Hayley Sorensen Testing the Accuracy of Popular Wrist Worn Tracking Gadgets at Measuring Energy Expenditure and Heart rate in College Age Joggers at Varying Grades on a Treadmill LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Whitney Stevens The Effect of Skin Tone on the Accuracy of Heart Rate Measurement of Wrist-Worn Fitness Trackers During Resting and Sub-Maximal Activity LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Amber Heltemes • Rachel Sloan • Julie Taylor The Impact of Religiosity and Pornography Addiction on Shame, Anxiety, and Hope based on Gender LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Anjelica Ashworth • Patric Leukel The school year should be lengthened LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Madelyn Cardon • Austin Ewing • Nanan Agnes Omou • Barlow Pace Tips, Tricks and Risks: Social Risk Taking in Young Adults LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)McKenna Dalton What is the Accuracy of Wearable Tracking Devices in Determining a Resting Energy Expenditure Based on Training Status? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Eric Lee New Zealand Pycnogonids (Sea Spiders) LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Bonnie Bain • Fredric Govedich • Jordan Richins Speed Science: Teaching Students How to Learn from Failure LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Bonnie Bain • Fredric Govedich To spank or not to spank? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sydney Riley • Deborah Ferwerda • Noa Taeatafa

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I'm a Stage Manager JT - Randall Jones LobbyKianna Casey Supporting LGBT Youth in Cedar City BUS 242Courtney Doman • Cassidy Nelson • Emily Olson • Bryndi Staheli The Ampakhai Project: Preserving and Revitalizing the Southern Paiute Language ED 215Jonathan Hatch • Rama Hemphill • Ruthie Reed • Jeremy Garcia-Standing Soldier Bring Him Home from Les Misérables MU - Thorley Recital HallNathan Myers Queering Utah through Political Cartoons BUS 244Melynda Thorpe Why You Should Travel abroad with SUU ED 204Michaela Anderson Lessons from the Trenches BUS 243Amy Thorpe Shifting Gears in the First Year: developing a first-year experience course for all students ED 111Elizabeth Cox • Silvia Kozlovska Single, Celibate Living in Jane Barker's Love Intrigues BUS 246Annie Wright Service Archaeology BUS 238Jami Haskell An Exploration in General Relativity with the Great Basin Observatory ED 202Anthony Cole • Halie Hagerty • Brandon Jackson • Lisa Monson Removal of Suspended Solids in Coal Creek for Efficient Aquifir Recharge ED 102Cameron Chappell • Matt Harmon • Maverik Shumway • Stephen Smith Male Survivor Project BUS 120Zac Palmer Metaphors and Messages in Star Wars Movies BUS 126Bob Ogie Human Values in Public Administration ED 103Angela Pool-Funai Go Native: The Why & The What Native Plant CenterBarry Pearson Recycling in Urban Clusters of the West ST - Kolob Canyon Living RoomMegan Abel • Tristan Olsen-Lund Encouraging Impactful Teaching Through Curriculum Innovation Grants ED 104Laura June Davis • Gavin Feller • Shobha Gurung • Dave Lunt • Andrew Misseldine • Eric Morrow • Elizabeth Olson • Matt Weeg

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SUU Experience: From a Costume Technician's View JT - Randall Jones LobbyEmmaLee Coleman Post-Adoption Resources ED 215Anna Hopkins • Armandine Matondo • Danni Quastad • Sydney Riley Supporting Children with Chronically Ill Siblings BUS 242Makaela Caldwell • Jessica Hooks • Lindsey Trussell Good for the Soul?: Confession in J. M. Coetzee's _Age of Iron_ and Marilynne Robinson's _Gilead_ BUS 243Ryan Siemers Is an Absurd Creation Possible in Popular Culture? BUS 244Nozomi Irei Kylie Nielsen (BFA Exhibition, Graphic Design) MA - SUMAKylie Nielsen Music acquisition in the womb BUS 246Krystal McCoy Music from One Googol and One MU - Thorley Recital HallLisa Quoresimo Scarlet: Sexual assault awareness through the medium of theatre ST - Kolob Canyon Living RoomChad Henwood Social integration and amateur soccer: A field experiment in Europe ED 204Carlos Gómez González Aristotle's Puzzle of Mind in de Anima 3.5 ED 203Carl Anderson JSYK: Heart-based hope leaders communicate to create hopeful cultures BUS 238Cynthia Kimball Davis Why are they here? Analysis and comparison of the environmental characteristics of Quercus gambelii, Q. turbinella, and their interspecific hybrids. ED 202Skyler Porcaro Disgust Sensitivity Better Predicts Political Ideology than Disgust Reappraisal: A Replication and Extension BUS 120Anjelica Ashworth Lessons Learned from the 2019 Athletic Training Educator's Conference ED 104Nathan Slaughter Using Brain-based Teaching to Improve Researching Skills in ESL Students ED 111Ruth Scovill 5 Counties Association of Governments volunteer LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Bryce Webster A Sociological Take on Cedar City's Chamber of Commerce LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Alexes Ramirez American Rationals For Dog Ownership LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Josh Christensen • Hannah Covington • Karl Greathouse • Jason Luo • Dream Weaver Art Education in Elementary Schools LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hannah Ynchausti College Food Pantry Experiences LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Amanda Dortzbach Community Partner: American Red Cross LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brinn Fullmer Hands-Only CPR LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)McKenna Dodge • Charity Sagiao • Vishant Thapa Human Values and a Sense of Place LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)December Braithwaite • Chelsea Hicken • D'Mia Lamar • Michelle Lambert Molybdemum as a Cofactor in Enzymatic Reactions in Cyanobacteria LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Hyeonseo Cho • Brent Thacker Stayin' Alive LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Mallorie Gale • Amanda Giles Sustainable House Infrastructure Project LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jason Brimhall • William Johnston • Tanner Valentine Visual Map of SUU Campus On Android LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jacob Moulton Volunteer Income Tax Assistance: Serving the Community LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Alec Anderson Cyber Crime: The Digital Threat at Southern Utah University (SUU) LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Paul Bausman • Courtney Dickinson • Brigitte Sweeten Dual Factor Authentication LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Shukai Chen • Jaeger Christensen • Brandon Pitts Gender Neutrality: Forest Inventory and Analysis LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Samar Alhussain • Ali Alnasser • Connor Hudson • Nicholas Raditsas How Safe are You While Using the Internet? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Taylor Cella • Michael Kavoukas • Wayne Larson • Wyatt Remund Is Your Information Safe on Public Wi-Fi? LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Thomas Grant • Ranger Iradukunda • Hayden Johnson • Prince Nash Managing how technology is used in future libraries LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Erik Rekve One Phish, Two Phish LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Ali Alnasser • Thomas Gubler • Ethan Larsen • Sadie Sanchez Section 508 Testing and Implementation: Forest Inventory and Analysis LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Taylor Cella • Junming Chen • Trystan Humphries • Jared Smith Securing Passwords LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brian Burdick • Brandon Hightower • Connor Hudson • Kurtis Lundell Social Media Use LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Matt Burgoyne • Ian Hamlet • Kelson Orton SUU Campus Trees LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jessica Ball Website Tutorial for Gateway Preparatory Academy LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brandon Hightower Welcome to the World of Drones LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Michelle Holden Giving Multilingual Writers a Helping Hand LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Christina Winters VISAS: Volunteers with International Students and Scholars LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Robb McCollum • VISAS Volunteers C in the Dark: Lighting Cedar City's Town Letter LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jake Sip • Dallin Giles • Cameron Aston Educational games on electronic devices can benefit infants in their cognitive development. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Elizabeth Anderson • Bryn Banks • McKenzie Culler • Kelson Orton Late Cretaceous Dinosaur Tracks from the Iron Springs Formation, Iron County, Utah LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Jennifer Crowell Perceptions of Morality LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Natassha Fagergren • Samantha Harper • Katherine Saldana Project GNATS LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Battai Hunton • Andrea Reeder • Colton Robinson Project Illumination LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Reece Alvarado • Austin Becker Remarried families are more likely to have problems than families that are only married once LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Danlee Overson Teen suicide is higher than it even has been. LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sojin Choi • Mallorie Christensen • Shane Prisbrey • Taylor Tenney The effects of ploidy on auxin biosynthesis in Hemerocallis hybrida LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Riley Carter The Integrated Capacious Model of Leadership Identities Construction LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Brionne Neilson The Viability of Aviation in the Future Economy LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Mason Hopkins What the Frit?! LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Aubriel Koehler • Mikey Savage A Study of Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) Genetic Diversity in Southern Utah LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Laura Aston Caffeine Derived Carbene Ligands in the Sonogashira Cross-Coupling Reaction LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Garett Ruesch Pilot Shortage in the United States LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Andrew Lloyd Nonprofit and Business Sector Collaboration: Strategic Strengthening through Partnership LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sarah Tullis The Impact of Demos on Video Game Sales LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kelsie Eddy The Power of Networks: On and Off Campus LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Schuyler Bradley The Role of Interview Anxiety in Hiring Decision LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Blake Bennion 

Who am I? Feedback about Self and its Effect on Purchasing Behavior and Response to Gain and Loss Frame Messages
 LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Amanda Evans I love you! I don't know what is going on in your head, do you? BUS 126Amy Thorpe Marxist Theory of Alienation and Drug Use in Modern Society LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Kaleigh Bronson Drawing as an Active Learning Activity in Undergraduate Human Anatomy LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Nizhoni Marasco Examining Identity and Privilege in the "Utah Bubble" ED 103Abe Daye • Brianne Kramer • Tess Oldroyd • Dallin Tripp • Stephanie Wilde Job Application Research LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sarah Drake Stripping Lipid Bilayer Removal by Buffer Flow LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Ruth Hunter SYNTHESIS OF ESTERS VIA THE HALOFORM REACTION LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Emily Olson Title: The Anatomy of Lab: Factors Affecting, Causes of, and Student Motivations for Leaving Anatomy Lab Courses Early LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Sarah Monson Whopper Copper to Proper Copper: The Marvelous Transition from Massive to Miniature LIB - Reading Room (2nd Floor)Zhouling Chen • Jessie Fischer

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